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Instigate the Perfect App Promotion Strategy

Growing your app’s global audience is easy. It just takes three simple steps...

Distribution target

1 - Target

Target users by country, city and demographic profile. Share your marketing requirements with us for an improved user discovery strategy.

Distribution deliver

2 - Deliver

Pre-install or push your app over the air (OTA) to mobile devices across the world. Ensure it’s available and ready to engage new users immediately.

Distribution track

3 - Track

Track the deployment and installation of your app with ease thanks to granular analytics, acquiring new users and data along the way.

Go Global With Your App

Helping TikTok make every second count

We helped TikTok, the world’s fastest-growing social media app, get discovered by millions of global users on millions of mobile devices worldwide.

Clientlogos airnow 1 9
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Welcome to the Airnow Family

Meet the Family
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Airnow Distribution

Target users across the world, deliver apps directly to them and go global with your app with frictionless delivery and discovery solutions.

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Airnow Data

Know your app. Know your market. Research, benchmark and track mobile application data all in one place.

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Airnow Cybersecurity

Demystifying cyber security to help businesses like yours combat and protect against threats to business-critical systems.

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Airnow Monetization

Providing the most advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market. The future of mobile advertising.

You’ve Discovered Us. Time For Us to Discover You.

If you’re ready to grow your user base at home and conquer new territories abroad with an improved app distribution strategy, schedule a 1-1 conversation with a member of our team today.

I'm Ready

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