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Pre-Install Mobile Apps

Reach new users directly with our pre-installation capability

Airnow Distribution gives developers the tools to pre-load their apps onto a range of mobile devices. Backed by the power of our our global OEM partners, we deliver your app to new users without them even having to open an app store.

Why Pre-Install Your Apps?

Pre-installation is the most seamless deployment strategy available to mobile developers looking to deliver their apps to audiences both at home and across the globe. It ensures your app is pre-loaded onto a user’s mobile device, ready to use from the moment they take it out of the box.

This is a delivery solution that guarantees more installations of your app, resulting in more DAUs (Daily Active Users) and increased revenue as a result.

Install Your App Without Opening an App Store

Enough Small-Talk. It’s Time to Deliver.

Want to learn more about how we pre-load your apps? Get in touch with a member of the Airnow Distribution team today and see how our platform’s delivery tools can put your app in front of a global audience.

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