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App Promotions

Make it quicker and easier for new users to discover your app

Using app promotions such as App Wizard and Smart Folders, you can ensure your app is discovered and downloaded by more users, more effectively.

Why Promote Your Apps Directly to Devices?

The long-term success of your app goes well beyond the initial development stage. To truly maximise mobile downloads and reach audiences on a global scale, a targeted and effective app promotion strategy is vital.

The number of apps being uploaded to global app stores is growing, and by 2025 four in every five people are predicted to own a smartphone. Stand out from that crowd by using app promotions such as App Wizard and Smart Folders, and reduce the number of actions users need to take to discover and download your app along the way.

Enough Small-Talk. It’s Time to Get Discovered.

Want to learn more about how you can benefit from the likes of App Wizard and Smart Folders? Get in touch with a member of the Airnow Distribution team today and see how app promotions can aid the discovery of your app.

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